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What are you doing for your players' heads?

Proper technique and equipment are two ways to keep an athlete safe. Oftentimes, half of the battle is getting the player to be conscious of what he or she doing with his or her body. This is where the Guardian Cap comes into play.  After much success on the football field, the Guardian Cap is hitting the lacrosse field.  The Guardian reduces the severity of blows from errant sticks, helmet to helmet collisions, and even a stray shot or pass that hits the head.  The Guardian fits all styles and sizes of lacrosse helmets and is available today. A new impact reducing soft-shell helmet cover to go on the outside of the helmet.  Worn by over 21,000 football players for the past 3 seasons.  Now available for lacrosse.  

Why should YOU be interested in the Guardian Cap?  

  • Scientifically designed to reduce impact.
  • Applies the principles of physics to design.
  • Scientific commentary supports use.
  • Statistics support effectiveness.

What is  the Guardian Cap?

  • Reduces impact up to 33%

  • One-size fits all (youth – adult XL) soft-shell football & lacrosse helmet cover that comes in 4 colors: black, red, silver & camo

  • The Cascade helmet with the Guardian Cap passed all NOCSAE standards when tested at an approved NOCSAE facility

  • Lightweight (less than 7oz), waterproof and insulates in hot & cold weather

  • Connects to the facemask with 4 elastic straps and does not affect the integrity of the helmet

  • Safe coaching and proper technique are crucial. Helmet-to-helmet contact, sticks to  the head, and elbows to the head should be avoided. In the event it does happen, Guardian Caps can reduce impact

  • Low coefficient of friction that won’t torque the neck

  • Scientifically tested in labs and on the field

  • Guardian will cover the cost of your helmet shell if the helmet manufacturer refuses to replace it, citing Guardian™ usage as the reason

  • 6 month full warranty

  • Worn by over 21,000 football players from youth through college from 2011 – 2013

  • Just introduced for lacrosse in the Fall of 2013


$59.95 per Guardian with team and league discounts available
Use promo code Level2Sports for $10 OFF each Guardian Cap when you order online

Team Sales Contact:

Howard Offit
Tel: 240-354-5444

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